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The teachers are responsive and committed to their work. My children, Kabir and Sahar, are thoroughly enjoying their Quran classes and are making excellent progress in their Quran reading and memorization. I, too, began with a female instructor, who is simply a fantastic teacher in every way. Thank you to everyone at QuranHost who has worked so hard to make learning the Quran possible for me and my children. I will always be grateful to you for your help.
Maria Tabish
New York, USA
It's difficult to teach religion and Quran in Canada, so I was worried about how to teach my son Ali. Quranclassesforkids.com is a great academy that a friend recommended. The teacher always works around your schedule. My son Ali quickly learned Quran reading online. He memorized surahs and learned about Islam.
Robina Khalid
Toronto Canada
I enrolled in Quranclassesforkids.com's course on Quran Reading with Tajweed. Their courses and methods of instruction are both of exceptional quality. I realised that learning Quran with Tajweed was significantly easier for me in my online class with them.   Their tutors are supportive and polite. I also enrolled my children with them, and they are extremely happy and motivated to learning Quran. I'm grateful for their guidance and efforts to assist me and my children in learning the Holy Book.
Testimonial student father
Imtiaz Khan
London, UK
"I have an eight-year-old son and have experimented with various live Quran teaching services but have been dissatisfied with their services. Either the tutor is unavailable or they are so unprofessional at teaching Quran that they cannot teach it properly. My friend recommended Quranclassesforkids.com to me. My son has been enrolled with them for three months and I am extremely satisfied. The tutors are extremely trustworthy and professional. It is something I will recommend to everyone!"
Testimonial student father 2
Irtiza Mohsin
Texas, USA

Pricing / Fees

QuranClassesforkids.com offers the most affordable and economical variety packages, allowing clients to choose based on their needs and comfort.


$ 15
Per Month
  • 4 Hours per Month
  • 1 Hour per Week
  • One/Two Days per Week
50% off
$ 28
Per Month
  • 8 Hours per Month
  • 2 Hour per Week
  • Any Four / Two Days per Week
50% off
$ 33
Per Month
  • 10 Hours per Month
  • 2.5 Hour per Week
  • Five Days per Week
50% off
$ 39
Per Month
  • 12 Hours per Month
  • 3 Hour per Week
  • Any Three / Six Days per Week
50% off
$ 50
Per Month
  • 16 Hours per Month
  • 4 Hour per Week
  • Any Four Days per Week
50% off
$ 60
Per Month
  • 20 Hours per Month
  • 5 Hour per Week
  • Any Five Days per Week
50% off

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