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Hifz teachers are mandatory in bringing positive results to the hifz course. They should be professional, educated, and compassionate in teaching the kids Hifz.


Quran Classes For Kids emphasize the ability of hifz teachers in the positive development of the students. We encourage our students to provide the best results with the help of the best online hifz tutors.


How Do We Filter Out The Best Tutors For Your Hifz Course?

Keeping in mind the education we want to provide to our students, we highly stress the quality of lessons through our hifz tutors. They are chosen through many stages of selection and take responsibility for the new class.


Our selection process is challenging, and only resilient applicants can make it through this. Quran Classes For Kids do all this to ensure that you are getting the education you deserve.

1.   Application:

The first step in selecting teachers is accepting applications from all over the world. The application process is online, and we choose the best teachers with good records and fluency in Quran.


The shortlisted candidates from the application process are selected to pass the further assessments before getting appointed as an Hifz teacher.

2.   Demo Lectures:

The candidates for the Hifz Teachers are asked to give demo lectures in which they provide a brief description of their hifz strategies. We also inquire them about what innovative techniques they will put use to memorize Quran for students.

3.   Evaluation Tests:

We additionally assess the knowledge of teachers through tests designed by our experts. These tests are a benchmark in selecting tutors as it helps us evaluate the Quran memorization of the candidates.

4.   Tajweed And Qiraat Tests:

Tajweed and Qiraat are evaluated with the help of oral tests. This test is conducted to evaluate;


●     The perfection in tajweed of the candidate.


●     The application of the rule of Tajweed while reciting Quran.


●     To see if the candidate has fluency in the hifz Quran.


●     To evaluate the confidence of candidates to teach hundreds of students.


●     To see if the candidate can teach Qiraat to the students.


5.   Interview:

Candidates passing all the above tests are invited for the interview. This interview is conducted by the senior authorities and the supervisors. If the candidate successfully gives the interview, they can teach the students in the hifz class.


Quran Classes For Kids choose the best online hifz teachers for you through all these steps!


★  Well-educated Male And Female Tutors For Hifz Quran:

We are keen on choosing the best and highly qualified staff for your online hifz course. We aim to provide you with the utmost learning experience.


●     All of our staff has Certified Ijazah from the world’s top institutes.

●     They can memorize Quran to the students through their knowledge and experience.

●     In their childhood, they all became Quran Huffaz and have passed many tests to become professional in teaching Quran.

●     Their diverse experience of teaching the Quran to Muslims worldwide makes them a good choice for the hifz Quran course.


●     They are appointed through difficult stages of selection. 

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